Native Tree Area Scheme (NTA)

The Native tree Area Scheme (NTA) is for the creation of small native woodlands on farms.  There are two types of forest that can be established, each can be up to 1ha in size, comprising numerous individual plots with the minimum plot area being 0.1ha.  The NTA scheme does not require an afforestation licence and approval into the scheme is via direct entry as per other agri-environmental schemes. There is an establishment grant and a forestry premium payment for ten years.  A max of 2 hectares of forest can be created on farms under the NTA. 

Native Tree Area Premium rates

CategoryAnnual Premium (€/ha)Premium durationTotal Premium (€/ha)
NTA 1€2,20610 years€22,060
NTA 2€2,28410 years€22,840

All tree species proposed for planting under the Native Tree Area Scheme must be native to the island of Ireland and representative of the native forest type to be established on site.  There are 2 planting mixture options as follows;

ScenarioPlanting Mixtures
Scenario 1 – Dry mineral soilOak, Birch, Scots pine and other native species
Scenario 2 – Wet mineral soilAlder, Birch, Oak and other native species

The following tree species are acceptable to be included in the Native Tree Area Scheme;

A minimum   tree planting spacing of 3m x 3m is required giving a planting density of 1,100 trees per hectare.  Where tree shelters or protectors are required, the minimum tree spacing is 4m x 4m giving a planting density of 625 trees per hectare. 

Grant aid to establish and maintain the Native Tree Areas is by means of a fixed grant towards the cost which receive approval from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.  The grant is paid in two instalments, The first instalment is payable immediately on completion of planting.  The second instalment can be claimed at least 4 years after planting has been completed. 

In addition to the fixed grant rates, landowners can also avail of fencing grant and if necessary, protection from deer by putting deer shelters around the young trees through the Deer Tree Shelter Grant. 

Unlike the Agroforestry scheme, The Native Tree Area scheme does not receive the Organic Farm Scheme payments on the area planted.  However, landowners that plant under the Native Tree Area Scheme are eligible to receive the BISS (Basic Income Support payment).

All landowners can avail of the NTA, there is no differential in eligibility and payment of grants and premiums between farmers and non-farmers

Applications for the NTA must be made via the Departments online system by a registered forester. 

Our applications team are completing applications for landowners and are available to complete applications for all landowners interested in the scheme.

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