Woodland Environmental Fund

Native woodland establishment is a key measure in Irelands afforestation program. The Woodland Environmental Fund (WEF) provides an additional funding mechanism of €1,000.00/ha to landowners who engage in native woodland planting, this money is often needed to cover additional cost such as fencing.

Forestry Services Ltd. is a registered ‘Natural Capital Facilitator’ for the WEF with DAFM, allowing us to facilitate the WEF scheme. We have delivered ten WEF schemes this year and are actively putting our programme together for next year.

The money received by landowners within the WEF is provided by private business’ who wish to facilitate native woodland establishment, allowing the companies to meet their environmental and biodiversity related targets. Landowners considering establishing a native woodland can avail of €1000/ha (WEF) and the annual forest premium of €1,103.00/ha for 20 years and retain ownership and the BISS as well as free establishment of the Native woodland.

If you are a landowner considering planting a Native Woodland or a company considering participating in the WEF, please do not hesitate to contact